Driving Lessons In Bridgwater
By Keith Mansfield

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Let Me Help You Pass Your Driving Test First Time…

I bet you can’ t wait to start learning to drive and yes I remember the same feeling you have right now. Before I get into the juicy stuff I want to share some really important bits you are going to love. Firstly I have a Pass Promise which forms a part of my Triple Guarantee, and I have a range of different driving courses to choose from.

Driving Lessons In Bridgwater

My job is to help you get your driving licence but you are looking for more than that. You want a friendly driving instructor in Bridgwater who turns up on time and with a clean car. Of course you are concerned about getting the wrong driving school in Bridgwater and that usually means you taking way too many lessons and despite the look of cheap driving lessons you end up spending more cash.

I totally understand where you are coming from,because I once was a learner driver myself and this is why I have designed you special guarantees to insure you do not risk your time or money.

On your first lesson you will be driving,and its a really important lesson,even if you have driven before because Im going to show you a crucial aspect to passing your driving test. Its that vital you will repeat it on every lesson,and use it when you have passed your test.

I make my lessons fun and a real positive experience,don ‘t expect a strict teacher, but see me as a professional who understands what you want and knows how to make you feel comfortable and relaxed.So come on, give me a call and let’ s get you on the road.

The Dream Of Driving

For a long time now you have been thinking about driving either on the back seat of your parents car gazing out of the side window,or riding in the front passenger seat of your friends car,for some time you have wanted your own car and to be able to drive.

While you have been thinking about the fun aspects of driving, gaining your driving licence also opens up so many more opportunities for you in life. First of all there are basic things that you will already of thought of like not getting wet in the morning waiting for public transport on your way to college or work. And once you are on a bus,tram or train you are always say next to some you don ‘t know…that’ s if you can get a seat,and then of course listening to the music of the guy next to you who has his volume set to 11. Driving your own car gets rid of all of that.

Then if you think a little bit further a driving licence can help you with your employment opportunities,either by a promotion at your current job or by finding better paid work elsewhere. While buses and other forms of public transport can pretty much get you to most places,a 20 minute trip in the car can be 90 minutes on 3 different buses to get to your destination. So a car opens up more places where you can work.

Your social life will also change. Today you are reliant on lifts from parents,friends and family but having your driving licence means you can go where you want and when. This weekend for example,if you feel a bit stressed with work or studying then you can go away and see family you haven ‘t seen in some time or you can go on a road trip.

You start to take more weekend holidays once you have your own car, whether its the coast, camping in the country or going to festivals and amusement parks…the choice is yours.

When you start taking driving lessons with my school I want to help you pass your driving test quickly and safely. In fact the best way to pass the driving test  and first time is to get your beginner lessons spot on. Here I am going to teach you not only the basics of driving but skills which will help you keep you safe on the road and skills to impress the driving examiner.

The driving examiner want to know you are safe and your driving test is an examination of your ability covering different tasks. The test is to replicate what you would do in every day driving and you have to prove you can drive without needing any assistance, that is the bottom line.

The Dvsa is the government department which trains the examiners and some of them have been driving instructors, whatever their personal background you can’ t fool an examiner into thinking you are good enough. They are monitoring every aspect of your driving but don ‘t worry by the time you get to your test you will be driving just right.

Before you go to the driving test you will have covered a series of mock tests with me, this is to prove to you that you are prepared and ready to go, and that will give you the confidence you need. You can take as many mock tests as you wish so you can get ready for your big day. In fact we want to make your “big day” pretty much a non event; where you turn up with the ability and know how so that your test is a walk in the park.

One big advantage you will have on your driving test is my reputation, the driving examiners know the high standards I perform to and therefore will know you will already be classified as being an independent driver and not needing assistance in the car from an instructor.

The driving examiner is going to be looking for 3 main areas. How you control the car, your all round vision and how you use those skills to drive properly, obey the laws of the road while keeping you and other road users safe. Its all common sense isn’ t it,and there is nothing mysterious abut the driving test.

Some people believe that driving examiners work to quotas and that they will only pass so many people per week,this is not true. Its not true you are more or less likely to pass on a certain day or a certain time of the day,everything is down to your ability.

Whether your driving test is in rush hour or at a less busier time of the day you can be sure your examiner will get you to experience different types of road conditions,so if your test is before 9am or in the middle of the day it won ‘t make a difference.

Overall if you want a great chance of passing your driving test first time then call me. I would be delighted to help you get your driving licence and to see you enjoying driving is a full driving licence holder.
Phoneme today.


Keith Mansfield

driving lessons in Taunton


driving lessons in Taunton

Driving Lessons In Bridgwater
By Keith Mansfield

For Your Driving Licence Phone: 01823 430094 or 07931 707855