Cheap Driving Lessons In Taunton
By Keith Mansfield

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Cheap Driving Lessons in Taunton

Because it is difficult to determine the quality of driving school from another some learner drivers will buy cheap driving lessons in Taunton and who can blame them? However by taking a special offer can actually cause you to spend more money.

What You Didn’t Know…Until Now.
Many driving instructors will cost out the price of running a driving lesson at around £12 an hour, this fee includes the lease of the car, business service payments, insurance, and of course fuel. So when a driving school offers 5 hours for £50, or 10 hours for £150 you need to ask the question, what is the driving instructor making?

While you could say “it is their choice” you are right, but the choice could reflect on the quality of driving lesson you are given. Today the national minimum wage is almost £7 an hour, but someone offering you 10 hours for £150 will earn around half that…and this is for a profession that requires qualifications.
So how good is this driving lesson going to be?

Holding Back Hours
Because the school knows it is difficult to give you quality lessons they will hold back some of the hours, you might be able to do 5 now and then the rest in 6 months time closer to your driving test. But what if you do not like the driving instructor and leave early? That’s money lost. For this example we will mark this as a £75 loss

So You Start Again
The new driving school will need to assess you so thats another 2 hours lost. Another £60

Only Take Lessons If You Can Afford To.
If you are short on cash then save up, the last thing you want to do is take lessons here and there, one hour this eek, 2 hours the next, then miss a week. You will just not progress.
The average number of hours to pass the driving test is 47 and that’s when you also take another 20 hours of private practice.

If you are diligent and take say 4 hours a week, you stand a much better chance of reducing the average, and if you only take one hour a week you will probably need more hours, the difference can easily be £300 if not a lot more.

By compacting your driving lessons and taking 4 hours a week you probably won`t need to insure your parents car. At 10 weeks of insurance we’ll give that a value of £250.

Passing First Time
I am going to give you all the skills you need to pass first time and importantly you are going to learn how to impress the driving examiner. Failing your driving test can cost £300 in a new test and remedial lessons, but before you go to test you will be driving without my assistance and sure that you can pass.

As you can see by avoiding cheap deals you can save well over £500 and close to £1000.
Say not to cheap driving lessons in Taunton and say yes to saving real money, phone me today.

driving lessons in Taunton


driving lessons in Taunton