Driving Lessons In Wellington
By Keith Mansfield

For Your Driving Licence Phone: 01823 430094 or 07931 707855

Can You Really Get Your Driving Licence On Your First Test?

If you want to save time and money on passing your driving test then a 1st time pass is what you need and I am going to show you just exactly how you are going to do it…

Driving Lessons Wellington

On your first driving lesson you will be driving and you will love it, also I am going to teach you how to pass your driving test. It’ s actually a really important technique that will not only help you impress the driving examiner but help you be a safe driver for life.

Soon you will be driving around Wellington, going into Taunton and gearing up ready for your test and once you have passed and got your driving licence in your back pocket your life is going to change amazingly.

Driving your own car is not just about being able to stay in bed for a little longer because you don ‘t need to catch a bus; though that is a wonderful perk. When you have your licence you will be away for weekends on road trips and you will have more job opportunities.

I have a range of driving lessons to offer you, including beginners, part trained, confidence building and driving test rescue. My triple guarantee is also going to take any risk out of your driving lessons. Most learner drivers don’ t know which driving school to go with and you worry about getting the wrong instructor and taking too many lessons.My guarantees protect your money and your learning,so give me a call today. You will love it.

Cheap Driving Lessons in Wellington
There are many driving schools in Wellington to choose from but its is very difficult for anyone to be able to differentiate between a good driving school in Wellington and one that you would perhaps prefer to avoid.
Sadly more than half of learner drivers have at least 2 instructors, which usually means they made a mistake at the beginning by joining what turned out to be the wrong school.

The thing is you are limited with the questions you are able to ask and all you are really left with is gut feeling.
Typically any learner driver will ask…

How much do you charge?
How many lessons will I need?
What car do you drive?
What is your pass rate?

The closest you get to being able to determine quality is the question about the pass rate, but statistics can be blurred and to be faor to any driving school they only prepare the learner.

You can phone 101 different schools, ask the same questions and still not get any closer to working out who is for you, and this is why you should use my money back guarantee! Call me today.

Keith Mansfield

driving lessons in Taunton


Driving Lessons In Wellington
By Keith Mansfield

For Your Driving Licence Phone: 01823 430094 or 07931 707855